Stressed about online business

The No Code Era

The #GigInternet today is full of B2B SaaS (Software as a Service) agencies promising easy solutions with “no code” required. Which, awesome. As a developer, the idea of not having to hunt down documentation to hack a function that is clearly wanted by everyone, but never released as part of a build, is freeing. And that’s generally what “no code” gives you.

It’s cookie-cutter structuring.

There’s limitations put in place, usually at a high cost both in functionality and wallet–y? But, in return you’re given freedom to easily choose how to fulfill your business’ needs with what you have, and not have to worry about breakage.

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And that’s probably the central focus in the Venn diagram that make up my clients. They’re all afraid to break a web property that they’re relying on, because they don’t truly understand the framework that is involved in building their sites.

And, if they’re old-school? Well, admittedly, it was much easier to break things online back in the day.

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Annnd, that’s where I come in.

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The web doesn’t need to be scary. You don’t need to hold your breath and say three Hail-Marys each time you click the login button.

Sure, stuff happens. If you’re prepared for stuff for when it does happen, then you’re good to take a deep breath, click the fix button and go on with your day.

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So if you’re waking up in cold sweats, and biting down to the knuckle, all because you don’t know whether today is the day that wire is going to be tripped, reach out. Let me take a good look at your overall setup, and see if there are any crucial changes we could make so that you sleep better and feel 100% more secure in your online presence.

Don’t let “no code” limit your value or your business.

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Stressed about online business
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